Tournament Certification

The Northern California Quiz Bowl Alliance certifies tournaments that meet our standards for quality hosting.

Running a certified tournament qualifies the tournament director for membership in the NCQBA.

Certified tournaments are those that:

1. Use pyramidal questions

2. Use a 20/20 format, in which the team that answers a tossup question earns the right to answer a bonus question

3. Use a fair round-robin schedule

4. Record and promptly post both team and individual statistics, preferably utilizing the SQBS statistics program

5. Are open to any school that wishes to register a team

6. Make a tournament announcement post on the appropriate HSQB subforum and subsequently post the tournament results on that thread. It is recommended but not required that you make a write-up for this website as well, which you can email to

7. Charges a price that we deem reasonable

The NCQBA reserves the right to modify or add to these guidelines as needed to maintain the quality of certified tournaments. Please read the Tournament Hosting Guide for instructions on how to conduct a tournament.

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