California Cup

The Northern California Quiz Bowl Alliance and Quiz Bowl Club at UC Berkeley are pleased to announce that we will be holding the fifth annual California Cup. The California Cup consists of four quiz bowl tournaments held throughout the year, and it is widely considered the premier academic competition event in Northern California. California Cup #1 will be held on Saturday, October 22 and #2 will be held on Saturday, November 12. For the tournaments we will have registration at 8:30AM, the event will start at about 9:00AM, we will have a lunch break around noon, and we hope to finish around 5:00PM. We are tentatively scheduling #3 for Saturday, February 11 and #4 for Saturday, March 4 but we will not be able to confirm these until mid-January.

We hope to attract many teams from across the state and elsewhere. We have previously attracted teams from as far away as Southern California and Mississippi. As we have in the past, we will guarantee teams a high number of games (8 or more) per tournament and ensure that teams are able to play others of the same skill level after preliminary placement rounds. We use only the highest quality questions in our tournaments to ensure that players are rewarded not only for paying attention to what is taught in the classroom but also for their intellectual exploration outside a school setting. You can find out more about what quiz bowl is here ( and you can find more quiz bowl-pertinent resources here (

The top teams at each tournament will qualify for the 2017 PACE National Scholastics Championship, which will be held June 10-11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. California Cup tournaments have historically held the highest possible certification from PACE (Platinum), and should we continue to meet that threshold, the number of Varsity qualifiers will be 25% of the entire size of the field (inclusive of both varsity and JV) rounded up. For instance, if the combined Varsity and JV teams add up to 49, then the number of NSC qualifiers from Varsity will be 13 (25% of 49 is 12.25, which is then rounded up). Additionally, teams that perform well on NAQT sets during the California Cup will qualify for the 2016 High School National Championship Tournament, held May 26-28 at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia. The formula for HSNCT qualification is 15% of the entire field size rounded up. Note that only Varsity teams are eligible to qualify for either nationals directly. Teams that do well at the non-NAQT California Cup competitions can also apply for wildcards to HSNCT and PACE, and many have historically received them. JV teams may apply for nationals via wild card when wild card applications open. These wild cards are generally evaluated on statistical metrics like the average points per bonus (PPB) of a team.

New for this year:
1) We are only accepting payment via Square if you are paying for the package; we are no longer accepting individual tournament payment via Square.
2) We have increased the staff discount and slightly changed our drop policy
3) We have changed our JV eligibility rules
4) Some of the ACF rules that we are using have been updated. Please read this ( for more information.

JV Eligibility:
1) If you are a Junior or Senior AND played Cal Cup during the 2014-15 AND 2015-16 school years then you must play Varsity
2) If you have ever competed at PACE NSC, NAQT HSNCT, or finished t-13 or better at the 2016 MSNCT then you need permission from us to play in JV. Please email us at
3) If a JV team clinches the overall JV California Cup championship in the first three tournaments of the season, they will be obliged to move up to Varsity at California Cup #4 should they choose to participate.
4) The Cal Cup TD reserves the right to ask any team to play in Varsity

Please bring appropriate payment with you when coming to a tournament. The earlier you pay the higher priority you get for tournament registration in the event of a waitlist. If there is a waitlist for the first tournament we will enter teams into the field with the following priority: 1) paying in advance via Square for the package, 2) pledging to pay onsite for the package, 3) pledging to pay onsite for the first tournament. For subsequent tournaments, people who paid for the package will get priority into the field up to a week before the tournament, at which point the field entry becomes first-come-first-serve. If you purchased a package, please inform us as soon as possible if you are missing a particular tournament.

We offer a lot of flexibility in allowing drops from the field right up to 6 pm PST of the day before the tournament. Failing to inform us of a drop up to 6 pm the day before the tournament will merit you being liable for 50% of the cost of the upcoming tournament. If you do not show up at a tournament without informing us, you are liable for the full price of the tournament. Exceptions to these policies will be made only in case of emergency. This policy will also apply to package holders, though it will be scaled to account for the discount associated with the package. By signing up for the California Cup tournament series, you agree to these policies.

We will not offer buzzer and staffer discounts directly via Square. We will instead offer cash at the tournament site itself once we verify that the appropriate number of buzzers and staffers have been brought. Discounts for onsite payment will be assessed onsite.

Question sets:
Cal Cup 1 we are using SCOP Novice for JV and WHAQ for Varsity.
Cal Cup 2 we are using NAQT IS-161A for JV and NAQT IS-160 for Varsity.
Cal Cup 3 we are using HSAPQ Novice for JV and BHSAT for Varsity
Cal Cup 4 we are using GSAC for JV and Varsity.
In order to qualify for nationals your team must play in Varsity. Only Cal Cup 2 is a direct qualifier for HSNCT but all 4 are direct qualifiers for NSC.


Teams may choose to register separately for each tournament within the series, though we recommend registering for all four tournaments at once (the “package”), which ensures a significant discount. Each of the four tournaments will have its own champion and ranking. We will allow teams who wish to purchase the package up to the second tournament to decide whether to purchase it. For instance, you may attend the first tournament for only the price of the first tournament and then decide at the second tournament to purchase the entire package, at which point you will pay the discounted package price. We will split the field into junior varsity and varsity divisions and evaluate each separately. After the cup results are tallied, we will crown a California Cup (Northern California) state champion! There will be book prizes for the highest-performing teams and individual scorers at each tournament, and other prizes are in store for the top California Cup teams. When calculating final Cup standings, we will count the top three performances by each team, allowing teams to account for extenuating circumstances at one tournament (either a lower-than-expected performance or non-attendance). Only teams that register for the entire series of tournaments will be eligible for the overall title as well as prizes at the end. With four guaranteed tournaments and plenty of gameplay, this series will offer the best prizes, greatest value, and most national qualification opportunities available anywhere in the country!

Entry Fees:
Base fee per team for package of all four tournaments (paying by cash or check): $270
Base fee per team for package of all four tournaments (paying via Square): $260
If your school played zero Cal Cup events last year (i.e. new team discount): -$70 off the price of the package

Registering for a single tournament: $90
New school registering for a single tournament: $65

Buzzer discount: -$10 per tournament (We will test buzzers and NOT accept them if they do not have four fully functioning units on each “side,” so do not try to claim discounts on buzzers that are not in full working order. Also, PLEASE LABEL your buzzers with your school/team name so that you can promptly pick them up at the tournament’s conclusion. Lastly, we will no longer accept buzzers that require a laptop to operate unless we really need them.)
Staff discount: -$15 per tournament for experienced, competent moderator (if needed)
-$10 per tournament for scorekeeper
Travel discount: -$20 per 75 miles one-way (determined by Google Maps)
Referral discount: If a school (new or established) refers Cal Cup to a new school then they will receive a $10 discount per tournament that the referred school plays.
Minimum entry fee: $20 per tournament per team

*Buzzers and staff discounts apply on an as-needed, first-come, first-serve basis. When registering, please detail how many staff and/or buzzers you may be able to bring. As the tournament approaches, we will let you know whether they are needed or not. Payment will be taken either online via Square or at registration; please make checks payable to “Quiz Bowl Club”. Note that discounts for future tournaments will NOT be given at any particular tournament. What this means is that if, for example, at the first tournament you claim a buzzer discount for all four tournaments, you must still pay as if you only claimed it for one tournament. Then, for each subsequent tournament in which you actually bring the buzzer, we will refund you $10 in cash. The same goes for the staffer discount. The entire distance discount may be claimed at the first tournament, though (that is, teams more than 75 miles away from UC Berkeley will pay $80 less as long as they are purchasing the entire package).

We are setting a field cap of 65 teams (overall, not per division). Schools may register multiple teams–there is no limit. We might be able to expand if there is enough interest, but until that point, we will accept teams on a first-come, first-serve basis. Fields can fill fast, so sign up soon to reserve your slot!

To register for November 12, please fill out this form: (

To pay for the package via Square, please go here ( If you pay via square please specify which school you are from.

The registration deadline for Cal Cup #2 is Wednesday, November 9. Please bring the cash or check for full payment of the series of tournaments to the first tournament unless you are paying via Square. You can still pay the base fee for three tournaments if you register by the second tournament.

Scoring and Gameplay

The California Cup assigns points to schools based on their performance at the tournaments that take place throughout the year. We have decided to adopt the following scoring system: 10 points for 1st place, 8 points for 2nd place, 6 points for 3rd place, 4 points for 4th place, 3 points for 5th place, 2 points for 6th place, and 1 point for 7th place. Since the scoring automatically drops the lowest result of a team, only three of the tournaments will end up counting in the final evaluation of a team’s standing. Of course, attending all four tournaments will ensure that your team’s worst performance is disregarded. This means, for example, if a team wins the first three California Cup tournaments, they will be declared the California Cup champion for that division. If a team that does not purchase the full package ends up placing high enough on the scoring system, then we will simply skip them in the California Cup overall ranking (but they will still retain their ranking for that individual tournament). At the end of the year, we will break ties by evaluating (1) the performance in the 4th tournament and (2) statistics from each team’s performances throughout the year. We will maintain separate standings for JV and Varsity teams.

We will enforce all the gameplay rules as they are written in Sections C-I of the official rules of the Academic Competition Federation, so all players must fully familiarize themselves with these rules before playing these tournaments. If you are having trouble remember them, we recommend you print out a copy and refresh your memory immediately prior to the tournament. Pay special attention to timing, pronunciation, and protest guidelines, as players often lose out on points by not knowing these.

Thank you for your interest, and please spread the word to other high schools that are interested in quiz bowl or are heavily involved in other academic events like debate, AcaDeca, or Science Bowl. We look forward to another exciting year of academic competition!

Contact Information

Please contact us at with any questions that you have.

The UC Berkeley Quiz Bowl Club is a student group acting independently of the University of California. The student organization is the host of the California Cup and takes full responsibility for the guests.